5 Day Gratitude Challenge

This time of year the days are shorter and the holiday chaos begins to sneak in, but there is SO much to be grateful for. Join us in our 5 day gratitude challenge, the 5 Days of Thanks and Giving, which starts Monday, Nov 12!


Researchers, psychologists, and psychiatrists have proven that gratitude positively impacts the following (Positive Psychology Program, 2018):

  • Well-being
  • Relationships
  • Optimism
  • Happiness
  • Stronger Self Control
  • Better Physical and Mental Health
  • An Overall Better Life

As mamas, we have SO much to be grateful for, but often the days are long and leave us exhausted, so it can be hard to give ourselves and others some TLC. This week, in honor of the holidays approaching, especially Thanksgiving, we're so excited to kick off #5DaysofThanksandGiving, where for 5 days, we'll be sharing a daily challenge for you to participate in. They are quick and take only a couple minutes to complete, and are a reminder to all of us to slow down and just be, even if just for a few minutes each morning or evening.

So, what's the schedule??

5 Days of Thanks + Giving runs Monday, November 12th through Friday, November 16th; however, you can do it anytime, anywhere! Here is the breakdown...


  • Fill out the gratitude + affirmations card. Share with us on social by tagging @FI4_4_MOM, @fit4momtorrance and using #5DaysofThanksandGiving on Instagram! We can't wait to see what you're grateful for!


  • Daily Challenge: We know the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can lead to chaos. That's why our Founding Mama, Lisa Druxman, recorded this grounding meditation just for you! Get cozy, close your eyes, and let the calm of this meditation replace any holiday blues.


  • Today, we challenge you to send some love to another mama, a friend, your partner/spouse, your parents, a stranger, a co-worker...anyone, using this gratitude love note prompt.


  • November is the perfect time to think about giving or giving back - 'tis the season to give thanks AND give what you can; whether that's through donating your time, money, products, services, or gently used items that can go to a new home. Today, we want you to GIVE via anyway possible to your circumstances. Have an extra $5 you could donate? Consider buying a coffee/tea to the person behind you in the Starbucks line today. Come to our Food Drive Stroller Strides class! Bring in a few canned goods and we will donate them for you. Looking for somewhere to donate clothes you recently got rid of? Find a local women's shelter. Have extra time? Find a volunteer organization near you that could use some extra hands-on-deck this month ( is a great resource). How will you give back today or this month? Show us! Add a photo to Instagram and use the #5DaysofThanksandGiving hashtag so we can see + share.


  • Repeat after us: I LOVE MY MOM BOD BECAUSE IT IS STRONG. I LOVE MY MOM BOD BECAUSE IT WORKS DAY IN AND DAY OUT TO RAISE TINY HUMANS. I LOVE MY MOM BOD BECAUSE IT CREATED LIFE, MADE ME A BIRTH MOM/SURROGATE, OR MADE ME A PROUD ADOPTIVE PARENT. I LOVE MY MOM BOD BECAUSE SHE IS RESILIENT, SHE IS FULL OF GRACE, AND SHE IS THE DEFINITION OF STRENGTH. Got it?! Don't ever forget it. For the last day of the #5DaysofThanksandGiving Challenge, fill out your last affirmations card. Show us why you're grateful for your #mombod, because we think you're a total babe, inside and out. Upload a pic of your affirmations card to Instagram, and as always, don't forget to tag us, @FIT_4_MOM, @fit4momtorrance and use the campaign hashtag, #5DaysofThanksandGiving, so we can see + share!

Aside from increasing well-being, psychology research has identified several other positive outcomes that are a result of practicing gratitude. One of these positive outcomes is that practicing gratitude (in this case, specifically gratitude towards a higher power) can reduce levels of stress (Krause, 2006). Another is that practicing gratitude can decrease levels of depression and anxiety (Kashdan & Breen, 2007). Of course, having lower levels of stress, depression, and anxiety may aid in having higher levels of well-being. If a major objective of positive psychology is to increase levels of well-being, these findings show the value of gratitude in positive psychology investigations," says the Positive Psychology Program, 2018.

We hope you find this 5 Day Gratitude Challenge lifts your spirits, boosts your well-being, and that it's a nice little pause before the chaos of the holidays. We are beyond thankful for you, Mama! Happy Holidays, and happy 5 Days of Thanks and Giving. What are you grateful for today?

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